Our Culture

When Progressive and Pacific Home Warranty first opened their doors over ten years ago, General Manager and Culture Creator Roberta Garritty knew she wanted to do something special.  She wanted to create a place where teammates actually got excited to come to work and go the extra mile for their clients and for each other. She also knew this wouldn’t be easy, after all, we are in the insurance industry and that’s not out of this world exciting!   It didn’t take long before she began creating a workplace culture unlike anything done before, an Intentional Culture, an Intentional Culture that started with getting the right people on the bus.

To accomplish all of this, Roberta had to take a step back from the day-to day operations to focus on what has become the backbone of who we are and what we do,  our company Core Values.  Once Robi had identified all the key elements that make us who we are, the rest began to fall into place.  Staying true to these values has proven successful as Roberta continues to find right people for the bus on the road of Culture Done Right.

Culture Done Right is a philosophy that has created a very unique and special work environment that is hard to put into words.  Anytime you swing by our office you’ll run into friends, family members, roommates, couples, and even dogs!  Yes, we currently have four canine counselors roaming our office and it’s an experience you need to see to believe.   If you join our company, it won’t take you long to begin to experience all the ways we are unique. The genuine welcoming atmosphere of our office brings everyone together and we can assure you, the moment you take that first step into our building, you become family! You will see that you have become part of a team that is always willing to go the extra mile for each other, our clients and the world around us and we love to celebrate successes both big and small. 

Culture Done Right along with our Core Values are felt in everything that we do and is no coincidence. Every initiative, policy, and decision is made with a purpose and if it doesn’t support our core values, it doesn’t fly! Having an intentional culture takes courage, but take it from us – it’s worth it!

Our Favourite Cultural Moments

You will never find a teammate working on their special day

Once you're a full-time Progressive teammate, you get your birthday off.

Our Progressive Foundation

Our passion is just like our Member Builders, building houses.

Comfort and Cuddles, Just Like Home Sweet Home!

What do slippers, dog toys, and sports memorabilia have in common?

Family Weekends at the Lake

A family that works hard together, knows how to play hard together.

Game On!

Life would be so dull without a little friendly competition.

Families Who Eat Together, Stay Together

Few things bring people together like a good home cooked meal with loved ones.

Breakfast, Coffee, and Smoothies. Oh My!

Admit it, we all wait until the absolute last second before we HAVE to get out of bed in the mornings, right?

We Celebrate Arrivals, Not Departures

Hellos are far more fun than Goodbyes!