Home Owners

Expect a Great Home

With comprehensive coverage, Progressive & Pacific Home Warranty help keep all 3000+ components of your home protected! The purchase of your home is an extremely large financial commitment, so you should have the highest expectations for its quality and coverage, even when minor hiccups happen with one of those 3000+ components. We are committed to ensuring that your expectations are not only met but exceeded, directing all our efforts to making sure that all warranty-covered problems are remedied quickly and efficiently, leaving you with nothing less than your perfect home, just the way you like it!

Expect a Quality Builder

You deserve commitment - to you and to the quality of your new home. We work hard to provide warranties on behalf of only the best of the best homebuilders in this industry, and we've done the research for you. We understand the builders' technical capabilities and customer service history. Trust that we have your back by choosing to work exclusively with quality builders. However, should something ever go wrong with your home and / or builder, our team is committed to YOU to quickly making things right.

Expect Service Excellence

Above all, you can expect unparalleled service excellence. Progressive & Pacific Home Warranty are licensed and governed by industry "best practices," but we don't stop there. "Best practices" are the bare minimum you should expect, and our mandate is to provide the highest possible level of service to all our stakeholders, in particular homeowners. We are driven to find ethical solutions for you first, and our "Client Solutions" team does just that, finds you the right solutions.

Our Promise to You

Empathize and Support – Lending you an ear and a positive solution that does right by you

Educate and inform – Warranties are complicated; let us easily explain the intricacies to arm you with knowledge

Communicate Effectively – Timely, concise and valuable information sharing

Be Open, Honest and Transparent – It's core to our business spirit, building trust in all our processes

Resolve Fairly – While we always have your back, we are unbiased in our decision-making process

Focus on Mutual Success – We always look to find the best possible solution for all parties involved

Humanize and Personalize the Process – Above all, you are treated with respect, as an individual and not as a file number





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Q: HELP! I have a problem, what do I do now?

A: Things can go wrong with your new home. This is simply a reality. With Progressive & Pacific, you are not alone should something happen. We have an industry leading team of professionals whose mandate is to provide equitable resolutions for homeowners. With unsurpassed customer service, you will always speak with a real person when you call, easily walking you through what to do next. Call us at 1.866.957.2314.

Q: When does my warranty start?

A: It’s important to know exactly when your coverage starts. Your warranty start date is the earliest of the following: date of actual occupancy, the date any occupancy certificate was granted, or the date your new home is completed and ready for occupancy. Refer to your Declaration Page from your Homeowners Package for more coverage details.

Q: Will everything on my submitted deficiency list be covered by my warranty?

A: Not necessarily. A home warranty is designed to cover hidden defects: things that, with reasonable and careful inspection on the completion date, would not yet have been revealed; or defects that occurred after the residential unit was complete. Any additional contractual items outlined in the Purchaser’s Agreement are not covered by warranty. Either way, we will help guide you through what is covered and what might not be.

Q: Are there items excluded from warranty coverage?

A: Yes, some common examples include: contractual items of your Purchase Agreement; materials or items supplied by the purchaser instead of the homebuilder; incomplete work; and other exclusions that were noted in your Warranty Certificate supplied to you in your Homeowners Package. If you need a replacement or would like to know if something is covered, give us a call at 1.866.957.2314 - we will answer any questions you might have.

Q: Do I have to let my builder make the repairs?

A: Yes. Once you submit a claim for deficiencies to your home, the homebuilder has the right to complete any repairs first. You must allow reasonable access to your home in order to have these repairs made. However, if the repairs are not completed as per our strict timelines, Progressive will step in to ensure the repairs are completed, quickly and efficiently.

Q: What steps will be taken to ensure proper repairs are completed?

A: We will ensure that all repairs to your home will be completed to meet or exceed industry standards. Upon completion of your repairs, Progressive & Pacific Home Warranty are available for any questions or concerns you may have regarding the repairs done on your home. If you have concerns about your claim repairs, contact your representative at 1.866.957.2314 to assist you in addressing your concerns.