We Celebrate Arrivals, Not Departures


We Celebrate Arrivals, Not Departures

Hellos are far more fun than Goodbyes!


The very first day a teammate joins our family, they are greeted by the whole team wearing colourful leis and a great big welcome bag! Each new teammate is assigned a Culture Mentor, responsible for hosting the party and making an extra effort to make sure the new teammate gets settled into their new home. Now back to that welcome bag! The culture mentor surprises the new teammate with a ton of “essentials" in their bag, such as doggie treats to make furry friends in the office, chocolates to make friends with our IT department, and a spatula so our new team member can join a lunch team. We love to celebrate any chance we get, but we think the welcome parties are one of our favourite celebrations!

Our Favourite Cultural Moments

You will never find a teammate working on their special day

Once you're a full-time Progressive teammate, you get your birthday off.

Our Progressive Foundation

Our passion is just like our Member Builders, building houses.

Comfort and Cuddles, Just Like Home Sweet Home!

What do slippers, dog toys, and sports memorabilia have in common?

Family Weekends at the Lake

A family that works hard together, knows how to play hard together.

Game On!

Life would be so dull without a little friendly competition.

Families Who Eat Together, Stay Together

Few things bring people together like a good home cooked meal with loved ones.

Breakfast, Coffee, and Smoothies. Oh My!

Admit it, we all wait until the absolute last second before we HAVE to get out of bed in the mornings, right?

We Celebrate Arrivals, Not Departures

Hellos are far more fun than Goodbyes!