Our Progressive Foundation


Our Progressive Foundation

Our passion is just like our Member Builders, building houses. We are fortunate enough to be able to use our passion to give back in a big way. The best part? We get to share this with our family, friends, and you!


In 2013, we at Progressive Home Warranty found ourselves wanting to do something we’ve never done in the past, something BIG! Through a teammate connection, we were put in touch with the Ben Sawatzky Foundation. After one short meeting we knew our lives were about to be forever changed. We fundraised money and medical supplies for months and rounded up seven willing and excited teammates to head down to the Dominican Republic to build homes for 23 families in just two weeks. We met lifelong friends on our trip - from the other group we were building with to the families in the village we were building for. We are so proud to have our Progressive Foundation now, where every single penny raised is donated, and Progressive Home Warranty absorbs all of the associated administration costs. If you would like to get involved with our Progressive Foundation, whether through donations or to join in on a trip, please contact our HR team at hr@progressivewarranty.com.

Our Favourite Cultural Moments

You will never find a teammate working on their special day

Once you're a full-time Progressive teammate, you get your birthday off.

Our Progressive Foundation

Our passion is just like our Member Builders, building houses.

Comfort and Cuddles, Just Like Home Sweet Home!

What do slippers, dog toys, and sports memorabilia have in common?

Family Weekends at the Lake

A family that works hard together, knows how to play hard together.

Game On!

Life would be so dull without a little friendly competition.

Families Who Eat Together, Stay Together

Few things bring people together like a good home cooked meal with loved ones.

Breakfast, Coffee, and Smoothies. Oh My!

Admit it, we all wait until the absolute last second before we HAVE to get out of bed in the mornings, right?

We Celebrate Arrivals, Not Departures

Hellos are far more fun than Goodbyes!