Darren Van Wart
I have been with Progressive since the beginning. I had worked in forestry for 15 years prior and played a key part in operations there. I was looking for a change and Progressive was the answer! I play a big part in the day to day operations and lead our IT department. Something not everyone knows about me is that I grew up in Sylvan Lake with Mike and can write backwards!
John Eaton
Vice President Sales
I started working at Progressive right out of university after finishing my Business Management Degree. In university I was the captain of our hockey team for 3 out of the 4 years and I met a few other Progressive teammates like Donovan, Josh and Kiel during that time. You may not be able to picture it, but in Grade 12 I won my high school talent show singing a duet of A Whole New World from Aladdin.
Jason Davis
Vice President Client Solutions
I technically started with Progressive in October of 2006, but actually worked as a “Scan Man” while I was finishing up my Business Degree. Progressive was the first job I had out of school, but I have done many different jobs within the company. I love camping, fly-fishing and heli-skiing.
Donovan Sugiyama
Vice President of Operations
I came to Progressive in May of 2008, as a referral from my friend and University Hockey Captain, John, after finishing my Business Degree. Hockey is a huge part of my life and I have been playing since I was 4 years old. You may be surprised to know that although I am a hockey guy, I like country music and am an excellent two-stepper!
Dean Elms
Quality Control Assessor
I came to Progressive in August of 2008, after spending many years as a Site Manager and Foreman in Calgary, my wife and decided to move to BC to enjoy the weather and working for this amazing company. Something you may not know about me is that my wife and I are gearheads. From cars to motorcycles of all types. We enjoy attending shows and events thru out the BC area.
Kiel Sonne
Director of Client Solutions
Prior to my start with Progressive in November of 2012, I spent 5 years both managing and working for a care company offering services to seniors and disabled adults. Something interesting about me is that I am one of four brothers who love hockey and was at the 2009 World Junior game that Eberle scored late to tie Russia, because my brother was on the team!
Katrina Bienz
Director of Client Solutions
I started with Progressive in July of 2011, after working in retail for a few years. I started in Client Solutions and have never looked back! Something you may not know about me is that I love to bake, anything from cupcakes to decorative cakes for special events.
Marin Todd
Human Resources
My journey with Progressive began in September 2012, just after I had finished my Bachelor of Commerce Degree, with my major in HR. I feel very fortunate to have found this family so early in my career. I love to travel, and try new food. Despite that, I’ve never eaten a McDonalds burger, and I hate chocolate!
Ana Vasquez
Account Development
After working in the home warranty industry for 8 years, I came to Progressive in October of 2008 and have worked in sales ever since. Something I really enjoy outside of work is fashion. There’s just something so satisfying about putting together the perfect outfit!
Louis Eaton
Canine Counsellor
Hi, I'm Louis! People often call me Lou or Little Cutes. I'm lucky because my dad takes me to work everyday. I love to play with rubber chickens and run as fast as I can up and down the halls. I often provide free counciling by jumping up onto peoples laps while they work. I'm happy at work but my favorite place to be is snuggling in bed with mommy.
Jesse Smith
Quality Control Assessor
I came to Progressive in March of 2012 after working as a framer and a finisher for a few years right out of high school. I have always worked in the construction industry and really love it. In my spare time my favourite thing to do is train in Brazilian Jujitsu.
Adam Cathcart
Quality Control Assessor
I joined the Account Development Team in March of 2014. I have a trades background including a 4 year apprenticeship in carpentry from BCIT and 13 years in residential construction and renovation. I also hold my level 1 and 2 insurance licenses for BC ands Alberta and am working on my CAIB designation. When not working I enjoy travelling, camping, rock climbing and rowdy adventures with family and friends.
Aaron Maier
Marketing / Operations
I have been asked to write my own bio and I’m not sure what to write, nor do I think many people will actually read this. If you are in fact reading it, I’m impressed and really proud of you. High five! As a reward, tell me you read this and I’ll draw you like one of those French girls! Interesting fact, I have eaten 5 Big Mac’s in one sitting..more than once.
Jason Brar
Account Relations
After attaining a BA degree from Simon Fraser University and five years of working in the customer service industry I joined the Progressive team, and shortly after my girlfriend and I became engaged. My favorite pastimes are movies, TV shows and almost any kind of sport. I play both hockey, football and am a die-hard Vancouver Canucks fan.
Mark De Jong
Information Systems / Operations
I technically started at Progressive in January of 2008, but along with Jason, spent some time being the office “Scan Man” while we were finishing up school. I may be part of the office nerd team, but don’t let my IT skills and tall lanky body fool you! I once made an epic diving catch during a Progressive Slo-Pitch game, was a badminton champ in high school and was ranked provincially for high jump!
Simrat Sandhu
Client Solutions Representative
I joined Progressive in June of 2013 bringing with me 11 years of customer service experience from both the retail & banking sector. I grew up wanting to be a lawyer but got side tracked and somehow ended up with a Masters in Business Administration. I have a twin sister and we were always together in school & college, up until we got hired by different companies in different countries.
Brad Leroux
After framing houses and condos in both Alberta and British Columbia for 10 years, I came to Progressive in June of 2012. I originally worked where I was most comfortable, as an Assessor, but I eventually moved into sales, which I love. Something you may not know about me is that I once performed a group folk dance in Disneyland!
Preet Nagra
Membership Services Underwriter
After working 8 years in retail and finance, I came to find my home at Progressive in June of 2013. Shortly thereafter, I married my beautiful wife and we have enjoyed traveling to see a few of my favourite sports teams together. I love all sports and when I’m not watching them, I am playing them. I finally crossed off a big ticket item on my bucket list by going to the Super Bowl in New York in January of 2014.
Taryn Thompson
Inside Account Development
I started working at Progressive part-time in May of 2010 while I finished my Business Degree. I’ve always been an avid traveller and even now that I am full-time, I still make traveling a priority. Once a year my two friends and I pick a city out of a hat to visit. I’m glad to say the hat hasn’t sent us to Boise!
Kate Carlson
Account Development
In university I took a Human Ecology Degree with a clothing and textiles major. Prior to coming to Progressive in October of 2013, I worked at boutique clothing store and loved dressing people up for a job! For being a soft-spoken dress and heel wearer, you may be surprised to know that I played hockey throughout high school – I never said I was good!
Kristen Sugiyama
Account Relations
In the five years after high school I played intercollegiate hockey as a goalie and managed to get two very different diplomas: one in Dental Technology and one in Management. I came to Progressive in September of 2012 ready for a new challenge. Even though I still play hockey, I have also coached for 10 years, most recently as the Assistant for the NAIT Ooks!
Riley Maguire
Canine Counsellor
I came to the team with 12 years of experience in the snuggle industry. I can be found napping in my human’s office, or supervising lunches in the kitchen. I am always up for a treat, and might even show off some of my tricks!
Manprite Kallar
Client Solutions Administrator
I came to Progressive in March of 2012, after owning my own fashion and fabrics store. Prior to that I also worked in a law firm, and from my diverse work history, I brought with me a lot of different skills. I am definitely a people person – I love to make people laugh and be around those who can make me laugh. Laughter is the key to a great day!
Alison Fitzpatrick
Account Relations
I am originally from Dublin, Ireland and moved to B.C. in June of 2012. I started with Progressive in November of 2013, and have loved every minute. Since moving to Canada, my interests have changed so much. I love being outside and being active. I have even tried (and failed) at wakeboarding and snowboarding!
Ben Crawford
Human Resources
I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce at the U of A and a few years later landed with PHW in August 2014. I am a pretty simple guy coffee, baseball, and eggs benedict are the only things I really need.
Taso Marioras
I joined PHW in December 2014 as a quality control assessor. Prior to joining this amazing family, I worked in residential construction. I am a simple guy really, sports, technology, games and of course, food... I love food.
Leanne West
Membership Services Underwriter
After working 10 years in hospitality and 2 ½ years in Office Admin & A/P, I was very excited to join the team at Progressive in May 2015! I volunteer as much time as I can at my kids school and am the Vice Chair of their school council. My husband and I enjoy watching our daughter on stage performing in live theatre and cheering on our son at the soccer field. Something you may not know about me is that I have 3 red-headed siblings! Including PHW’s very own Brad Leroux!
Brad Wilkinson
Sales Associate
Hi I'm Brad but my friends call me Brad. Will you be my friend? I have been with Progressive since June 2014 and work in the Account Relations department. Feel free to call me anytime day or night and I will be happy to help! I bet you'll never have a better experience! Seriously, wanna bet? When not hard at work, I collect model trains and like to gamble.